In 2020, we launched STIL from our Manhattan apartment. An acronym for “Stuff That I Like,” STIL is a collection of home textiles and interior design objects that we envisioned (and liked!) but couldn’t find in actuality.


When we discovered, for example, that the ideal wool blanket and perfectly plush pillows didn’t exist, we made our own. And we obsessed over every detail—every yard of deadstock wool fabric, every down feather, every blanket stitch.


STIL represents the belief that pieces should not only be beautiful and luxurious but also durable and pragmatic. Each and every product has its own story and a unique journey that brought it to fruition.


Handmade by us, or crafted in collaboration with select artisans, these collections toe the line between form and function. No doubt, you’ll soon be referring to them as “stuff that I like.”